What does Kam wear?

Kam wears a variety of looks from each Kollection:


Her everyday hair go-to style includes a full lace units from the “OG” Kollection”. The wavey and kurly textures are her favorite, because they require very low maintenance. Just add your favorite products, water, and your hairstyle is ready to go!


When Kam wants to do a wearable everyday look that can have her special event ready, she wears the straight frontal and bundles with up to 24 inches. This look is her go-to. Keep in mind frontals do require some extra maintenance.


When Kam is feeling bold and fabulous she like to wear the Kolor Kollection. She loves taking risks and going for edgy styles. She uses the 613 full lace wigs to create a colorful look that’ll grab anyone's attention!

When will the kustomization service return? 

Our kustomization service is seasonal and will return soon!

Difference In Lace Front and Full Lace Wigs?

Hear it from Kam herself below:


What kind of hair is for beginners?

We always recommend our OG Kollection Lace Front wigs to beginners because:

  • These are the most affordable units on our site
  • These units are easy to maintain
  • We have tutorials our KK Girls can follow along with


How many bundles do I need?

Our recommendations:

  • 2-3 bundles
  • Hair longer than 18 inches 3-4 bundles

Can I re-use extensions ?

Some hair extensions can be reused but it often depends on how the hair is taken care of. Some high quality hair extensions may be re-used if only the hair care instructions are followed.

How long does extension last ?
It depends on how you maintain and care for the extension. Usually they can last half a year to one year. With correct methods, such as good care, helping them last over one year with no hat problem.

How to Install? 

How often should I wash my hair?

We recommend washing your hair at least once a week. Keep in mind that it is advised not to sleep on wet hair.